Gastronomy begins with the desire for exquisite flavours. It is from this realisation that conscious pleasure is born and is possible in all forms of cooking. When one talks about good, old fashioned cooking, there is an emotional charge, a memory mixed in with the experience of the senses.

But there is another level of pleasure possible, particularly with avant – garde cooking. The search for that memorable flavour, the elegant presentation, the overall creative innovation bring about a heightened gastronomic sensation.

Chef Tan DR Farquhar Mansion

Every man has a soul and that is the single most crucial entity that brings about the thing called life and the same goes to a kitchen. The soul of the kitchen in Farquhar Mansion is the reputable Chef Tan DR. Initially a maestro in French cuisine, Chef Tan DR does not rest on mundane creations but incessantly pushing through boundaries. Through him, Farquhar Mansion’s contemporary cuisine  was crafted. He designs to explore the possibilities through skillful intersecting of ingredients to innovate more surprises that truly allures diners. Watching his patience in cultivating and nurturing his creative work, one can vividly sense the extraordinary passion of the man behind such sophisticated and detailed cuisines. This fascination is possible given to the selfless, benevolent character of Chef Tan DR. He shares his philosophy and patience in communicating to the entire kitchen team to work together as a huge passionate family.

Through his leadership, french cuisine and fine dining have both evolved to spark a new contemporary genre best described as the core philosophy of Chef Tan DR. Being intrinsic to high quality service, his exploration is successfully demonstrated through the delectable, delicious and luscious servings available for you here at  Farquhar Mansion Fine Dining and Lounge.