We weigh ourselves everyday,
how far our inspiration push our creative boundaries today.

Exploring history while indulging in the aroma of art, luxury and elegance, it is our pleasure to serve you the best through our food and services. You are the true inspiration behind our philosophy and we aim for guest satisfaction and service excellence.

WELCOME to Orinea by Farquhar Mansion
– a luxurious twist on contemporary cuisine.

Orinea: Sky Dining & Bar is located in the very heart of Gurney Bay at Sunrise @ Gurney. A group of brilliant individuals came and observe and perhaps asked if they are able to rejuvenate this beautiful high-rise tower and bring the light back on to shine amongst the rest.

Pushing through their creative boundaries with synchronized philosophy, they decided to create Penang’s most elegant and creative sky dining restaurant ever — a luxurious twist on contemporary cuisine with pinches of humor, playfulness, modern creative design; completely de-contextualizes the conventional perception of sky dining.